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What a great Regatta!

Monday August 05, 2019

Lots of sunburned faces but lots of smiles from the weekend JLA Regatta!

If you took photos at the Regatta and would like to share them please forward them to Bill DuBois wwdpph@rit.edu

There was a pair of Rodenstock Sunglasses with navy blue frames lost around the Membership Table, and an I-phone went missing. Please let us know if you have found anything!

If you have any suggestions for next year please forward them to davis.hoyle@gmail.com.

Results will be posted shortly on the website, however here are the preliminary numbers on the weekend:
- Sailing 10 boats 15 contestants
- Boat Paradeā€Ž 25 boats 50+ contestants
- Running 95 runners
- Distance Swimmers 24 plus their 24 spotters in Kayaks
- Short Swims 122 swimmers
- Jousting 8+
- Canoe Kayak 181 paddlers
- Fire Pump 8 very able Firemen
- Three Legged 162 racers
- Egg Toss 234 tossers (117 eggs only 4 survived)
- Tug of War 104 tuggers (last tug 6:30pm)

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