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 On Thursday April 20th 2023 JLA in conjunction with the CLPOA hosted the "Our Declining Loon Population" webinar
As covered in a recent issue of Cottage Life, Canada's Loon population is in decline. We have invited two excellent speakers to discuss the reasons behind this and what we can do about it.
Dr. Doug Tozer, featured in the Cottage Life documentary, "Loons: A Cry from the Mist" and quoted in the Cottage Life piece, is a Director at Waterbirds and Wetland, Birds Canada in Port Rowan, Ontario.
Dr. Tozer's Presentation, "The Canadian Lakes Loon Survey: what does 40 years of monitoring tell us about Common Loon productivity?" will speak to why the Loon's productivity has declined across parts of southern Canada over the past few decades. He will provide an overview of what the Canadian Lakes Loon Survey can tell us about the possible causes of the decline, along with a discussion on the steps we can take for conserving this impressive symbol of pristine wilderness.
Margie Manthey (and her project partner, Donna Garland) were the leads on Wolfe Lake Association's "Let's Get the Lead Out" initiative, the subject of her presentation. This project drew much needed attention to the problem of lead-based fishing tackle. The toxic lead tackles are eaten by loons (and other large birds) who mistake the lead weights for pebbles (routinely eaten by loons to assist with digestion) causing their untimely death. Margie and Donna spearheaded a campaign leading to the collection of over 170 pounds of lead, keeping this source of contamination out of the waterway. Learn more: