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Bob Weiser

At 6:30 each summer evening you could be guaranteed to see  Bob Weisner leave East Bay for another night of walleye fishing.  Bob would make this happen almost every night of his forty-three summers on Jack’s Lake.  On February 4, 2017 Bob died peacefully at home in Florida.   
Bob’s wife, Alice still lives in their Sun City home.  They enjoyed sixty-four years of marriage. During their working years they lived in Brookfield, Ohio.  It was from there that they ventured to Jack’s Lake for the first time. They stayed at Wagar’s Pine Point, and it did not take long for Alice to suggest that they buy a cottage.  In 1972 they bought their summer home.  At that time they docked their boat at the "landing,” there was no road to the cottage. 
In recent summers both Alice and Bob played bridge at the Apsley VFW. After the games they enjoyed going out to dinner.  
Bob’s summer activities included helping with the shoal rehabilitation projects with the JLA Fisheries Committee, cutting & splitting all the fire wood used at the cottage and assisting friends with construction projects.  His help around the lake was always appreciated. 
It was customary for Bob to refer to Jack’s Lake as his "Heaven on Earth.”