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Advertising Rates

Smoke Signals and JLA Digital Online Advertising

Smoke Signals - Newsletter of the Jack’s Lake Association - and the JLA website www. offer you an excellent advertising opportunity to maximize reach to JLA members, cottagers and residents of Jack’s Lake.
Published in June and January, Smoke Signals focuses on general interest newsworthy issues that affect the lake. In addition to being an interesting read for our members, advertising in the Summer and Winter issues offers you the unique opportunity to promote your products and services with Jack’s Lakers. There is a variety of sizes to meet your needs... and a special discount is offered for advertising in the two issues.
The JLA website – www.jackslakeassociation- offers Smoke Signals advertisers an online advertising medium to reach and market to JLA membership, cottagers and residents of Jack’s Lake. There are Home page ads and Interior page ads that are rotated randomly and equally giving you greater awareness and impact with JLA members online. This is an interactive site 24/7 that features newsworthy issues that affect the lake – board messages, social events, history of the lake, environmental and conservation issues, fisheries updates, weather alerts and winter road conditions etc.

For advertising rates and information please refer to the 2022 Print and Digital Rate Card.  This is a fillable pdf that can be used to submit advertising requests.