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Storm Volunteer Appreciation

Friday June 03, 2022

Dear Jack Lake Community,

No doubt it was a doozy. Let’s hope the worst is over for the season…or dare I say, for the next few decades.
No one could have imagined or been prepared for the level of destruction brought on by the May 21st derecho storm, which weather experts are saying is a rare event for Canada and probably not seen in Ontario in a century. In an earlier message posted on the JLA Website and Facebook page, I expressed concern and sympathies for the devastation and many heavy losses. I’m still taken aback by your photos, videos and accounts of the storm’s brutal aftermath.
I’m equally in awe of your selfless and heroic responses. As some of you know, I’ve lived in many places across this globe of ours but have rarely seen the level of kindness, goodwill and neighbourly support extended by you to fellow members of our lake community. It is heartwarming to see this and to know that fate has allowed my family and I to be part of this genuinely kind and thoughtful community.
Thanks to all of you for your collective generous spirit.
At the JLA Board Meeting on Thursday evening, May 26th, your BOD voted to strike a special "Storm Volunteer Appreciation Fund”. This small gesture is meant to reach out and celebrate you, our fellow lakers.
We are looking for nominees. We encourage anyone reading this announcement to nominate folks from our lake community who made a difference during this crisis. Maybe they cleared your driveway of fallen trees to ensure your safe access, perhaps they worked tirelessly to clear the blocked roads, checked on your property in your absence, offered food, showers, internet, the use of their car or boat, refrigerator, freezer, spare generator…anything meaningful to you.
Through you, we’d like to celebrate those who helped out by providing them with a small token of appreciation.
Gift cards will be provided by JLA from local businesses.*
Just drop us a note by June 15th at:
Please use Subject Heading: Storm Volunteer. In your email please provide the name/s of your nominee/s and a line about how they helped during the crisis and we’ll handle the rest.
With their permission, nominees will be announced and celebrated.
Thanks for helping recognize those who made a difference.

*details to be announced