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Spraying Btk for Gypsy Moths

Wednesday March 24, 2021

Recently a member of our lake community wrote to the JLA with information about aerial spraying of Btk to control the Gypsy Moth population and to inquire about interest in sharing the cost.
The JLA board reached out to experts in this field of study to obtain their opinions on the application of Btk for the control of Gypsy Moths.
After reviewing the information, the JLA recommends against aerial spraying of Btk to control the Gypsy Moth because it does not provide enough benefit to outweigh the risk.
See the details (PDF or TXT) covering:
  • What is BTK?
  • Is it Effective?
  • Do we need to use pesticides to protect trees?
  • How the Gypsy Moth functions in the Ecosystem
  • Btk will also target Monarch Larvae
  • What steps can property owners take that deter the Gypsy Moth?
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