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Regatta Results & Thank-yous

Monday August 19, 2019

What a GREAT 76th JLA Regatta!

There were 512 registered contestants, entered in an average of 2 events each:
- Sailing 10 boats 15 contestants
- Boat Parade 14 boats 50+ contestants
- Running 95 runners
- Distance Swimmers 24 plus their 24 spotters in Kayaks
- Short Swims 122 swimmers
- Jousting 8+
- Canoe Kayak 181 paddlers
- Fire Pump 8 very able Firemen
- Three Legged 162 racers
- Egg Toss 234 tossers (117 eggs, only 4 survived)
- Tug of War 104 tuggers (last tug 6:30pm)

Please see the event results in the attached PDF: Regatta 2019 WINNERS LIST
CONGRATULATIONS to all the participants and all the winners!

This event does NOT happen without lots of help from many people around the lake and deserves a BIG thank you from us all (and maybe a thought to help out sometime soon too)!

Dave Hoyle again as Chairman and Master of Ceremonies was key behind the organizing and running of the athletic events.
Anna Sweeney Shubik and her family organized the Decorated Boat Parade and hosted the After-Party.
Marcine at the Bake Table and Bob DuBois at the Sign up table also loomed large as coordinators.

Skipper Evan Cardiff, Neil Lanz and the company of the Committee Boat ensured a well run Sailing race
Martha Becker and her team kept the distance swimmers moving quickly through the water, the Richards on the Signup table, the Zulianis on the short swims , the Lebos and their team on the Paddling Races all kept their races running smoothly with only minor disputes.

Pete Lomax's highly entertaining fire fighting competition also helped inform the crowd on pump operating.
Wendy Hutchinson's art table allowed the young artists to express themselves
Gwen Burnatowski's Exploding Watermelon for the young scientists

Bill and Dawn DuBois & volunteers haggled their way through the Book table but also took 100's of  photos along with Tim Denisen that will appear on the websiteā€ˇ later.
The Davenports provided the crowd favourite 3 Legged Races and Egg Toss, and the Baxters and Mark Belli demonstrated the ultimate stamina by holding the crowd to the final tug at 6:30 pm with the Tug of War.

And student volunteers Sarah and Steven Murphy and Holt Gray worked tirelessly throughout the day with the podium and running results.

Anchorage Marina and Forest Glen Marina hosted the event on their properties and moving docks and cleaning up afterward  - a huge thank you.
Publican Brew Pub from Peterborough with their beer sampling on a hot day - thank you.
Volunteers on the Book Bake and Membership tables, and in many of the events - thank you, your efforts are very much critical.

Thanks to all of you for being part of a finely tuned machine that provides wonderful memories of the summer of 2019 for all of us.

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