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Message from the newly elected JLA President

Sunday November 14, 2021

Greetings Lakers!

As your newly elected President, I’m very pleased to once again provide you with an update following last Wednesday’s Board of Directors (BOD) meeting.


We increased the number of Director Portfolios to 7 adding IT and SAFETY to the previous 5 Portfolios. The results of the Board elections are:

Directors at Large – Blake Steels & Pierre Bertrand
Director of IT – Andrew Semple
Director of Communications – Shery Wasser
Director of Events/Activities – Jonathan Mitchell
Director of Safety – Glen Painter
Co Directors of Environment – Dr. David Lean & Pat Phillips
Director of Membership – Erik Speed
Director of Governance & Government Relations – Alex Kostiw

We proudly announce your first ever JLA Executive comprised of all WOMEN!!!
President – Alex Kostiw
Vice President – Pat Phillips
Treasurer – Amanda Gray
Secretary – Colleen Pickthall


A central challenge, already being tackled by Andrew with assistance from Pierre, Jonathan, Shery, Amanda and Erik involves updating and reinforcing Information Technology …. i.e. updating bookkeeping procedures, membership lists and communications platforms. Updating IT will enable us to better communicate with you, keep more accurate & accessible records and communicate more effectively & efficiently amongst ourselves.


To help get things started on a solid footing, Susan Tremblay of MAS (Management Advisory Services/Pro Bono Consulting for Non-Profits) graciously provided us with an important seminar on Governance and Directors' Duties and Responsibilities. Susan will continue to work with us over the next few months on both governance issues and document updates including a new Code of Conduct and Confidentiality as well as Conflict of Interest guidelines.


The Board will meet again November 27 when we will review JLA priorities for the year. In conjunction with this meeting, in order to ensure that the Board’s priorities are aligned with your priorities as Members, in the following weeks, we will be sending out a short Member survey to each of you to solicit your views.
Please feel free to write us with your questions or concerns. We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to provide answers as best we can.

Alex Kostiw
JLA President

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