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Meet your 2020 JLA Board of Directors!

Wednesday October 14, 2020

The 2020 JLA AGM added 2 new Directors to our JLA Board - welcome Patricia Phillips and Jonathan Mitchell to our team!

We later met on 2020 Oct 14 to select executive roles:

  • David Lean (President, Science Director)
  • Neill Lanz (Vice President until 2021 Jan 1, Environment Director)
  • Alexandra Kostiw (Vice President after 2021 Jan 1, Director of Governance & Government Relations)
  • Beth Brook (Treasurer)
  • Patricia Phillips (Secretary)
  • Marcine DuBois (Events Director)
  • Steve Kerr (Environment Director)
  • Mike Jensen (Communication Director)
  • Ruth Davenport (Membership Director)
  • Jonathan Mitchell (Director at large)
Feel free to contact us any time at: jlacomments@gmail.com

You can also email or phone any JLA Board member directly - personal phone numbers and email addresses are published in every Smoke Signals magazine.

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