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Important Reminder - Nominations for the JLA Board of Directors

Monday September 26, 2022

Important Reminder

Nominations for the JLA Board of Directors close on Wednesday, September 28th, 2022.
The full list of candidates (every nomination) will be brought before the JLA Membership for a vote at the October 19th AGM.

We invite all those interested in the following portfolios to send us your application:
  • Environment - e.g. monitoring/educating on water quality, shoreline conservation, wetland and forest protection
  • Communications - e.g. composing JLA Connects, website & FB posts, webinars, newsletters
  • Events/Activities - e.g. assist with summer events including developing children's program
  • Information Technology - e.g. assist with postings on all JLA social media
  • Director(s) without portfolio 
If you are interested in serving on the JLA Board, please send the information listed below to Colleen Pickthall, Executive Secretary ( by 5:00pm EST on September 28th, 2022. 
  • Name
  • Contact Information (Phone and email)
  • Area of interest
  • A brief bio and outline of your interest and platform
We encourage all JLA members to consider joining us to work together on behalf of our lake community!