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21st Petroglyphs Butterfly Count

Wednesday August 19, 2020

As a member of the Peterborough Field Naturalist and a lifer on Jack’s Lake, each year I participate in the Petroglyph Butterfly Count.  This usually occurs the 3rd Saturday in July.

I would like to share with you the final results of the count and a few pictures taken (at bottom).  I hope you find this interesting and opens your eyes to these beautiful creatures.

Results of 21st Petroglyphs Butterfly Count

Special thanks to all the participants of this year’s Petroglyphs Butterfly Count held on July 18.  A total of 58 species of butterflies were noted, which ties the previous high set in 2003.  The day of the count was hot with sunny skies.  Many participants noted there were ‘zillions’ of Gypsy Moths.  There was a serious outbreak along County Road 46 this year.  A total of 4,556 adult butterflies and 33 Monarch caterpillars were recorded.


Northern Spring Azure - 1 - found and photographed laying eggs by Colin Jones and confirmed by others

Tiger Swallowtail -- 58 - the previous high was 23 last year.  These were formerly identified as Eastern Tiger Swallowtails but new research indicates they are likely Midsummer Tiger Swallowtails, a new species.
Clouded Sulphur -- 155 -- the previous being 154 in 2015
Pink-edged Sulphur -- 54 -- previous being 17 in 2001
Bog Copper -- 21 - highest in last decade, previous was 20 in 2015
Coral Hairstreak -- 78 - previous was 69 in 2015
Compton Tortoiseshell -- 32 - previous was 30 in 2017
Mourning Cloak -- 52 - previous was 16 in 2017
Common Wood-Nymph -- 95 -- previous was 70 in 2013
Juvenal Duskywing -- 9 -- second time on count, were 4 on 2016 count
Long Dash Skipper -- 27 -- previous was 23 in 2013

Black Swallowtail - 1 - only the fourth time in the last ten counts
Mustard White -- 15 - highest since 2009 count which had 28.  The 2003 count has 132
Great Spangled Fritillary - 75 - highest since the 2013 count
Aphrodite Fritillary - 110 - highest since the 2005 count
Northern Crescent - 433 - highest since the 2005 count
Green Comma - 1 - 4th time on the count
Common Sootywing - 1 - only second time on count - previous record was 1 in 1998
Broad-winged Skipper -- 386 - highest since the 482 on 2013 count
Dun Skipper -- 1872 -- should be highest in continent.  Last year there were 1459 and it was the continental high

Final Results:
A copy of the final results for the count is attached here for your records.  There have been a couple of changes from the preliminary list which was circulated earlier.

2021 Count:
This count is traditionally the 3rd Saturday in July.  The next count is July 17, 2021.

Jerry Ball, Count Compiler
Martin Parker, Assistant

(Click picture to see it full sized.)

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