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Level 1 Low Water Condition

Wednesday July 08, 2020

Kawartha Conservation has declared a Level 1 Low Water Condition throughout the watershed.
Check their full announcement and explanations here.
In summary, as part of the declaration of a Level 1 Low Water Condition all water users are asked to voluntarily reduce their water usage by 10 percent.
Residents can help conserve water by following these water conservation tips:
  • Use rain barrels to capture rain for watering lawns and gardens when possible
  • Water gardens in early morning or later in the evening
  • Let your lawn go brown (dormant) – it will come back when conditions improve
  • Adhere to municipal watering restrictions that may apply
  • Do not wash your cars or driveways.
Explore the entire Kawartha Conservation site at www.kawarthaconservation.com

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