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News - 2019

LoonChicks now on Jack’s Lake! - 2019 Jul 5

Observations have been made that we now have four baby loons on our lake.

Loon Alert

Please proceed withcaution if you are out boating and come across adult loons protecting theiryoung.
See: Top 6 Ways You Can Help Loons

Any observations/sightings of loons or if are interested in volunteering to participate in the Jack’s Lake Loon Survey inconjunction with Bird Studies of Canada, contact Dawn Tower DuBois at dtdnvs@rit.edu or 705-656-9035.

Apsley & Lakefield Walk-in Clinics - 2019 Jun 25
     Press Release
     Poster (good to put in your first aid kit) 
Fact sheet: Eurasian Water-Milfoil - 2019 Jun 25
JLA Board Member Bios and Roles - 2019 June 23
Quarry Story - up to 2019 May 26

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