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JLA Webinar - Forest Landscape Conservation

Monday June 12, 2023

Hello Lakers,
At our next and final webinar of the season (Thursday, June 22, 6:30-8:00pm), we are very lucky to have Dr. Peter Quinby join us to discuss and answer your questions about forest landscape conservation including assessment and protection of old-growth forests. 
Dr. Quinby is the founding executive director of Ancient Forest Exploration & Research. Since 2004, he has been its Chief Scientist and Chair of its Board of Directors. He has studied landscape ecology and conservation since 1980.
Most recently, Dr. Quinby was featured in the award-winning short documentary on saving an old growth forest, "Conserving Catchacoma." 

During our webinar, Peter will focus on identifying significant features of forested landscapes (e.g., old growth, species-at-risk, riparian ecosystems, wetlands, etc.) including within the Jack Lake region. He will address related legislation, regulations, and guidelines that can be applied to forest landscape conservation efforts.  

Peter will touch on the distinction between forest "management," as currently practiced by the province, and forest protection as this distinction impacts forest protection and effective forest stewardship. He will also speak to raising public awareness about the non-timber values of forests to society, including a review of recent efforts to protect the Catchacoma Forest, which is Canada's largest known old-growth eastern hemlock forest. As always, a Q & A will follow Dr. Quinby's presentation, however, Peter is willing to entertain questions in real time during his presentation to encourage meaningful discussion.
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