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Jack’s Lake Association Board of Director Positions - 2023

Monday September 25, 2023

Important characteristics of a JLA Director are the desire to represent the interests and concerns of all JLA members, and simultaneously appreciate that Board solidarity is key to a well-functioning Board. Ultimately, this means that you enjoy being a team player, are willing to roll up your sleeves, be thoughtful and considerate when articulating your position at Board meetings and magnanimously "agree to disagree."
All Directors must comply with JLA’s Code of Ethics, prepare periodic submissions for JLA publications as needed, and, when appropriate, assist with the recruitment of future directors, committee members and volunteers. Election to the Board of Directors is for a 3-year term. Five current Directors' terms will expire next year, in October 2024, with our two newest Directors having terms that expire in 2026.
If you have an interest, aptitude or experience in the available positions, please send your application – which can be downloaded HERE – to before 11:59pm, Monday, October 2, 2023.
A description of each role is provided below. 

Executive Secretary
If you enjoy organization and order, this is a role for you!

Key Functions:
  • A member of the Jack’s Lake Association Board of Directors Executive team (Executive members have a two-year term).
  • Responsible for managing the internal communications of JLA’s Board of Directors, including formulating the Agenda with the Chair for each Board meeting; drafting and maintaining a complete set of meeting Minutes; scheduling meetings; drafting correspondence and ensuring important correspondence is brought to the Board of Director's attention.
  • Prepare/maintain/update the Board of Director's calendar of meetings and events.
  • Manage and maintain organizational records (e.g. A chart with Directors’ terms of office).
  • Custodian of all corporate records and secure digital recording system, update legal corporate filings with the Province of Ontario, tracking of deadlines for JLA's incorporation, recording and upkeeping all official documents, etc.
  • Ensuring insurance coverage is properly maintained, including keeping records of policies and correspondence with insurer and any related third parties.
  • Together with other officers and the Board of Directors, update the bylaws and maintain articles of incorporation.
  • Together with the Membership Director, keep accurate and up-to-date records of JLA membership.
  • Together with the Director of IT and Director of Communications, ensure that Board of Directors names, bios, meeting minutes, annual reports and plans are published, as agreed upon by the Board, on the JLA website.
  • A member of the Governance Committee.
  • Attend, prepare for and actively participate in all board meetings and respond to board-related communication in a timely manner.
You are detail-oriented and well-organized, interested in familiarizing yourself with the structure, purpose and programs of the JLA and have interest in the bylaws and legal status of the JLA. You are an advocate for best processes, board practices, and clear board decisions.  

Director, Environment (This role could be shared between two Co-Directors)
If you are passionate about environmental conservation, protection and education, we’d love to hear from you!

Key Functions:
With a focus on conservation and environmental protection, monitor the overall health of the lake and surrounding environment including monitoring, protection, and enhancement of:
  • Water Quality
  • Shorelines/Shorelands
  • Forestry & Wetlands
  • Fisheries
  • Wild Animal welfare
  • In addition to monitoring the above, this Director should focus on education and awareness of best practices for the conservation and protection of Jack Lake and its environment.
  • With Board of Director agreement, advocacy work may also be involved, working alongside the Director, Governance & Government Relations.
  • Lead and chair the Environmental Team (4-6 members).
  • Attend, prepare for and actively participate in all board meetings and respond to board-related communication in a timely manner.
A background or interest in environmental science, planning and/or land/water use would be an asset, but not necessary. You have a strong interest in, and concern for, the lake environment and an interest in educating members on best practices for lake conservation.  


Do you enjoy variety in your life and the ability to multi-task in several areas at a time? Looking to join a Board of Directors for the first time or to bring your experience to the table? This is the role for you! 
Key Functions:
  • Serve on JLA Board standing committees/teams as assigned.
  • Serve as an advocate for JLA members by acting as a liaison between members and the Board of Directors.
  • Facilitate and/or assist special projects as the need arises. Duties may change as defined in organization bylaws or as needed to fulfill board requirements.
  • Lead/co-lead the JLA’s Annual Volunteer Appreciation Lunch.
  • Work with committee/team leads to review status and progress on events and projects.
  • Attend, prepare for and actively participate in all board meetings and respond to board-related communication in a timely manner.
You have the commitment, enthusiasm and desire to care, connect and conserve Jack Lake for future generations.