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Monday April 24, 2023

EXCITING UPDATE! We are pleased to share that the large fallen tree blocking the Narrows was safely and successfully removed on Saturday just in time for the yearly Spring snow melt!
We would like to share a very special note of thanks to arborist Ryan Gronke for his very generous offer to remove the tree - Ryan donated his expertise, his time and his gasoline as a community service to the lake and we couldn’t be more thankful. THANK YOU, RYAN!

A big thank you also to Graydon Card, Bill Clouson and the Johnston family for their heavy lifting and helping to coordinate the removal and also to all of you who helped us quickly share the hazard notice with your connections and were willing to assist with removal if necessary.

Lastly, hats off to our own Director of Safety, Blake Steels, for helping to coordinate the effort.

Jack Lake’s caring community spirit lives on! Please continue to boat carefully as there are still runaway docks, logs and other hazards floating in the lake.