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About Us

The objectives of the Jack’s Lake Association (JLA) are:
  • Advance the cultural and social interests of seasonal and permanent residents in the area of Jack Lake.
  • Promote the common interests of all persons owning, occupying or using property on the lake and to advance plans and proposals to the appropriate government bodies for the benefit of the said inhabitants.
  • Promote aquatic and other social and physical activities among people.
  • Plan and promote the quality of the natural resources to prevent wanton waste and deterioration of the natural beauty of the environment.
  • Plan and promote protection of the safety of persons and property.
Over the years there have been discussions between the Jack’s Lake Association, the Townships, government bodies, and the lakeside community to protect the natural lake environment. Areas of concern have been the diminishing fish stocks, a by-law for minimum waterfront lot sizes, protection of the Peterborough Crown Game Preserve, the existence of boathouses on the lake, fluctuating water levels, and a sewage system maintenance inspection program.


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Jack’s Lake Association

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