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2017 Petroglyphs Christmas Bird Count

Monday November 06, 2017

Each year the Peterborough Field Naturalists (PFN), conduct a Christmas Bird Count around Jack Lake. Participants spend the day visiting various habitats  within a designated area and record both the number and species of birds observed.  Observations are subsequently summarized and forwarded to Bird Studies Canada as part of their long running program.

While the survey is conducted by volunteers with PFN, they are usually lacking people to cover areas that are not along the main roads (e.g. ATV/snowmobile trails, hiking trails, etc.). They could also benefit from "feeder watchers” – i.e. people who have a feeder at their home/cottage that can keep track of what is visiting their feeder throughout the day (species and numbers).

The 2017 survey will conducted on December 27. 2017.  This is an excellent way to learn more about our wintering birds and make a contribution to this important survey.  If anyone is interested in participating in this one day program please contact the project coordinator Colin Jones at cdjonesmclark@gmail.com

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